"Keep the Wreath Red" with Temple Fire & Rescue

Temple, TX (December 3, 2020) -- Temple Fire & Rescue is participating in the “Keep the Wreath Red” campaign to bring fire safety awareness to Temple during the holidays.  

Temple Fire & Rescue will display a large holiday wreath decorated in red lights outside of Central Fire Station, 210 N 3rd St in Temple. If a holiday related fire occurs in Temple, a red light will be taken out and replaced with a white light. 

The goal is to keep the wreath red during the holiday season. The campaign will continue through January 1, 2021.  

Here are some tips for a fire safe holiday season: 

  • If you have a fresh Christmas tree, keep it well watered. 

  • Keep live trees away from heat sources. 

  • Inspect holiday lights for damaged cords or plugs. 

  • Do not overload lighting circuits. 

  • Extinguish candles when you leave home or go to sleep at night. 

  • Keep candles in containers that prevent them from falling. 

  • Make sure your smoke detectors are functioning properly.  

If you have any questions or home safety concerns contact Temple Fire & Rescue PIO Santos Soto at sasoto@templetx.gov or Alejandra Arreguin at aarreguin@templetx.gov.