Garbage & Recycling

Delays/Storm Updates:
Updated 7/12/25 4:40 pm

Garbage and recycle routes are up to date. 

The contractor will only collect storm debris: Items including brush (not bagged), limbs, trunks and stumps that are not rooted in the ground, fencing, and debris that is damaged from the storm. This table is the path the contractor will be taking to collect items at the curb. Nothing that is collected by the contractor can be bagged.
1st pass Contractor  Start Date 2nd pass Contractor Start Date
Area 5 5/29 Area 5 7/1
Area 3 6/3 Area 3 7/2
Area 1 6/11 Area 1 7/7
Area 2 6/17 Area 2 7/10
Area 6  6/23 Area 6  7/10
Area 4 6/25 Area 4 TBD
Area 8  6/26 Area 8  TBD
Area 7 6/26 Area 7 TBD

City trucks will be doing a final clean-up of the 2nd pass areas for any mixed piles or household bulk items that was not storm debris.

Enter your address in the search bar below to find your route and normal collection schedule. Collection route schedule is delayed at this time. Please check back for collection updates in your area.

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