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April 19th: Garbage and recycle routes will be delayed on Friday, April 19th. Please leave the bins at the curb for collection on Saturday, April 20th. As soon as the bin has been collected, please put your bin away to avoid being swept away by any wind/rain storms that may occur over the weekend. Thank you. 

In efforts to keep residents informed, reduce miscommunication, prevent grass from dying, and minimize the length of time piles sit at the curb, the Solid Waste Division has created a chart for the residents to know when brush and bulk trucks will be in their area. The green highlighted area shows the current area being worked and when it is completed, it will be crossed off. This is updated by staff daily. Thank you for your patience.

Area 7 (2nd and 4th Thursday) 4.16
Area 8 (2nd and 4th Friday) 4.19
Area 1 (1st and 3rd Monday) 4/22
Area 2 (1st and 3rd Tuesday TBD
Area 3 (1st and 3rd Thursday) TBD
Area 4 (1st and 3rd Friday) TBD
Area 5 (2nd and 4th Monday) TBD
Area 6 (2nd and 4th Tuesday) TBD

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