Animal Services

june adoption specials

national adopt a cat month: half-price adoptions for cats all month long

(june 5-11) pet appreciation week: half-price adoptions for all pets


The Animal Services Department's principal mission is to protect the public's life, health and welfare by the prompt, efficient and humane enforcement of the animal control ordinance. The Animal Services Department also operates the animal shelter efficiently, and humanely providing clean and sanitary confinement with fresh food and water for thousands of animals annually.

View the updated Code of Ordinances, Chapter 6 - Animals here.

View a current list of Animal Service Fees here.

ServicesThe City of Temple's Animal Services provides services to the citizens of Temple for the following: 

  • Cruelty towards animals 
  • Animal bites 
  • Stray animals
  • Loose livestock or wildlife 
  • Animal pickup 
  • Animal disturbances, like barking, noises, odors
  • Cat Traps: Available for rent
    • $50 deposit (check/cash)
    • Animal Control will service the trap Monday through Friday except Holidays.
    • When animal is caught, bring back the trap and get your $50 deposit back
    • Animal Services is unable to service traps over the weekend.

Search the list of available pets.

Gift certificates are also available
at the Temple Animal Shelter! Call us for details. 

BEWARE: Snakes On The Move!

It is springtime in Texas and the snakes are on the move. They want to be left alone. Non-venomous snakes that are outside can be left alone. They are good at keeping other snakes out. Venomous snakes found in your yard can be sprayed with a water hose and they will not return. Use caution while working in brush or rocks and be mindful of where you are stepping. For other information click HERE.

                                                                                                           Western Diamondback - VENOMOUS
Western Diamondback

                                                                                                                     Cottonmouth - VENOMOUSCottonmouth
                                                                                                               Water Snake - NON-VENOMOUSWater Snake
                                                                                            Eastern Black-Neck Garter Snake - NON-VENOMOUS
Eastern Black Neck

                                                                                                                Texas Rat Snake - NON-VENOMOUS
Texas Rat Snake