Extraco Parking Plaza Opens to the Public

TEMPLE, TX (October 24, 2023) The City of Temple is proud to announce the official opening of the Extraco Parking Plaza located at 1 st Street in downtown Temple. The  Extraco Parking Plaza is a brand new, state-of-the-art facility set to provide convenient and secure parking options for residents, downtown employees, and visitors.

The project features 242 parking spaces on three floors, emergency call boxes and security cameras on each floor as well as the exterior of the garage. It will also include vehicle license plate recognition enforcement and seven Electric Vehicle Charging Stations that cover 13 parking spaces.

“The Extraco Parking Plaza is reflection of our city’s dedication to improving accessibility and convenience for everyone in Temple,” said City of Temple Assistant City Manager David Olson.

Parking at the Extraco Parking Plaza is free for all users during its initial period of operation. This period is designed to give the community a chance to become acquainted with the new facility and its amenities. While parking will initially be free, the City of Temple is considering implementing a pricing structure to ensure the sustainability and efficient use of the facility in the long term. Residents will receive a 90-day notice before any pricing structure is implemented. 

"We are pleased the Extraco Parking Plaza is now open to the public to use. It is core to our mission to build communities, and we strongly feel this parking garage will allow residents and visitors to explore all that downtown Temple has to offer," Chris Kincaid, Corporate Executive Vice President and CAO of Extraco Banks, said. 

In addition to the Extraco Parking Plaza, we are excited to announce that construction of the 4th Street Parking Garage is well underway and estimated to be completed in the 1st quarter of 2024. This expansion of parking infrastructure demonstrates our commitment to enhancing the quality of life for our residents and supporting the growth of our downtown district.