City of Temple Unveils New Panther Statue in Collaboration with TISD

Temple TX, (September 12, 2023) In partnership with the Temple Independent School District (TISD), the City of Temple hosted a statue unveiling ceremony at Meridith-Dunbar Elementary School, marking a significant moment in the city's commitment to education and community spirit.

Meridith-Dunbar Elementary was named for G. C. Meridith, former principal of Dunbar High School and poet Paul Dunbar. The school was established in the year 1896 and later named Dunbar High School in the early 1900’s. It was renamed Meridith Junior High School in 1968 and transitioned to Meridith-Dunbar Elementary School in 1970. Meridith-Dunbar opened its doors as Meridith-Dunbar Early Childhood Academy in the 2013-2014 school year.

The new statue replaces the original panther statue that had long symbolized the unshakable spirit of the school and its strong partnership with the City.

“The history behind Meridith-Dunbar includes some of the most talented students and educators Temple ISD has ever known,” said TISD Superintendent Dr. Bobby Ott. “We are grateful to the City of Temple, Mayor Davis, and City Manager Brynn Myers for their leadership in honoring such a significant part of Temple’s fabric.

Meredith-Dunbar holds significant historical importance, symbolizing the growth and progress in Temple. Alumni, faculty, and TISD members eagerly gathered to witness the statue's unveiling, marking a memorable occasion.

Temple City Manager Brynn Myers states, “This collaboration showcases our shared commitment to fostering a thriving educational environment, instilling pride within our community, representing the school's legacy, and inspiring generations to come.”