Meta to donate funds for composter, composter will be available for public use

Meta, formerly the Facebook company, is donating over $57,000 to the City of Temple to purchase a composter.

The composter will hold 500 pounds of food scraps and biodegradable materials and create 50 pounds of soil amendment after processing, which can be used to organically grow plants. The City will allow residents to bring biodegradable waste and pick up organic soil for free. Operation of the composter is expected to begin in Fall 2022.

“We are incredibly grateful for Meta’s generous donation,” said Justin Brantley, solid waste division director. “Our division is becoming increasingly focused on responsible waste management. The composter will benefit our organization, our community and the environment.”

Meta announced plans to build a data center in Temple in March 2022, and the new composting program is part of the company’s commitment to sustainability. Meta data centers are supported by 100% renewable energy, and are among the most advanced, energy-efficient data centers in the world. Meta diverts an average of 80% of data center construction waste from landfills by reusing and recycling materials.

The City of Temple and Meta have a shared goal of elevating sustainability within the region. During discussions about Meta’s new data center, City leadership and Meta staff determined that a composter would be a valuable addition to the City’s solid waste resources. Meta and their partnering vendors will also utilize the composter during the data center construction to divert food waste and other biodegradable materials from landfills.

“Temple is our home, and we are committed to playing a positive role here and investing in the community’s long-term vitality. We’re excited to partner with the city and help establish this new composting program,” said Holli Davies, community development manager at Meta. “The composting equipment will not only benefit Meta’s sustainability goals at our data center, but also help create a greener community in Temple. We’re thrilled to offer a valuable service to our neighbors.”

The City operates a year-round recycling program, holds several recycling events and visits schools to educate students about the importance of recycling.

“We encourage residents to identify ways of reducing, reusing and recycling materials in their daily lives,” said Heather Leedy, recycling program manager. “Allowing the public to use the composter is an actionable step that we can promote in our community education efforts.”