Mobile Food Unit

Add information regarding obtaining a "Food Truck" permit here. Please be sure to stay away from repeating information given on the Building Permit and Inspections page.

We have added a link to the Building Permits and Inspections page to link to this page for the citizens who may be looking to acquire a permit and need more information. We think that the average citizen would first look at the Building Permits and Inspections page when searching for initial information but want to be sure to provide them with more information by providing a link to this page. 

Attached are the documents you have requested to be on this page:
Chapter 14 (PDF) & Chapter 38 (PDF) of City of Temple Code of Ordinances
Texas Food Establishment Rules (PDF)
Mobile Food Unit 228.243 (PDF)
Mobile Food Unit 228.221 (PDF)
Mobile Food Unit 228.149 (PDF)
Mobile Food Unit 228.150 (PDF)
Mobile Food Unit 228.2 Definitions (PDF)
Mobile Food Unit Water - Water Service Log (PDF)
Water & Water Facility Authorization Agreement (PDF)

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