Residential Collection Delays & FAQ

Brush and Bulk collection routes are delayed due to crews continuing to collect debris from the recent inclement weather. Please have any tree limbs or debris placed at the curb cut into lengths of 10 feet or less for collection. The over-limit fees will be waived for the collection of large trees and debris related to storm damage. Updates will continue to be posted here for collection delays and when the brush & bulk collection schedule will resume.

Additionally, residents can bring tree debris and large brush to the Solid Waste Offices at 3219 Bullseye Lane Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm with a current water bill.
For information on your collection route, type in your address below.

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Residential garbage and recycling are collected once per week, except on Holiday Schedule.
Bulk and Brush is collected two times a month. 
Brush & Bulk Pick Up Schedule (PDF)
Residential Guidelines for garbage & recycling
Residential garbage and recycling is collected once per week.
Residents are serviced by either a 95-gallon container with wheels that will roll to the front curb or they are serviced by a 300-gallon container that is shared in the alley.

Please place your cart at least 6 feet away from all surrounding items at the curb. These include cars, mailboxes, fences, fire hydrants, and basketball hoops. 

Keep carts 14 feet away from low hanging trees or shrubs and electrical/utility lines. 

The cart should be placed with the wheels immediately against the curb. For those on alley service, the cart should be placed on the same side as the trash can. Please ensure that the recycling cart is removed no later than 8:00 PM on collection day.
Temple Landfill
City of Temple residents may take one pickup load of general household waste per month to the Temple Landfill if they present their City of Temple utility bill that indicates their residential garbage rate. There will be no charge for this visit unless the customer has more than one pick-up load of waste, or the load contains remodeling, roofing, construction, building, or demolition materials.

The Temple Landfill is located at 706 Landfill Road which can be found at the end of E. Avenue H on the east side of Loop 363. FAQs & Additional Information

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