Neighborhood Coalitions

The purpose of a Neighborhood Coalition is to bring neighbors together to create long-term sustainable solutions for a healthy, safe and vibrant place to live, while establishing pride. The ultimate goal of the Neighborhood Coalition is to make each neighborhood better, depending on the resident’s needs, concerns, and established priorities. Neighborhood Coalitions ARE NOT Homeowner’s Associations. 

Why start a Neighborhood Coalition?

  • To create a sense of community among residents
  • To identify and resolve neighborhood issues in an organized and timely manner
  • To provide an organized framework to promote, preserve and enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood
  • To provide a united voice to governmental entities
  • To provide an organized means to meet and get to know your neighbors through planned community activities
  • To provide a means to develop and maintain a neighborhood contact list
  • To unify in an effort to prevent crime in the neighborhood
  • To receive information on City matters related to your specific neighborhood
  • To apply for potential improvement programs, for neighborhood beautification

What does the City provide?

The Neighborhood Services division coordinates efforts and services for the Neighborhood Coalitions via staff that work with the Neighborhood Coalitions. In order to assist the Neighborhood Coalitions to be active, viable organizations that help make their neighborhoods better, cleaner and safer places to live, the City has agreed to provide certain services to the Neighborhood Coalitions at no cost, if resources are available.

  • The City will provide training sessions for Neighborhood Coalitions (NC) leadership so that they can establish and maintain a strong, viable association, and help establish the geographic boundaries for your association.
  • City staff will attend (or provide information for) NC general membership meetings as needed, or upon request. They also coordinate NC requests for information from the various City departments.
  • Certain City facilities may be reserved for NC meetings, activities, and events during the facility’s normal hours of operation.
  • The City will advertise the Neighborhood Coalitions news, activities, meetings and events on TemTV, on their website, and other sources.
  • Will provide access to relevant training to NC participants, to enhance their ability to create sustainable change.
  • The City will provide a format to introduce the Neighborhood Coalitions to their elected City officials.
Visit the following link to register your Neighborhood Coalition today!  

Neighborhood Coalition Program