Market Loop Mural Project

Mclane Train

Distraction is one of the BEST ways to help a child cope with necessary medical care. Depending on the child’s developmental stage and personality, some techniques will work better than others. Distraction is a method of behavior modification that helps a child focus attention on a preferred activity in order to think less about another, less desirable (but necessary…) activity. Distraction helps children be less anxious and more relaxed. It works well in most children, using their natural curiosity to be interested in a pleasant activity. It is especially helpful for children with chronic conditions who need to have repeated treatments. Over time, distraction teaches the child how to self-calm; this is a valuable coping skill.

Essentially, distraction helps a child feel more relaxed and better able to handle receiving care, even when that care is a bit uncomfortable or painful. Distraction can:

  • Reduce fear and anxiety
  • Empower your child (and you!)
  • Decrease pain awareness
  • Make the next treatment much easier…

Looking at artwork has proven to be an effective distraction tool. The Market Loop Mural project is located along the main thoroughfare to the McLane Children’s Hospital (MCH) from 31st Street. This location will play a key role in providing much needed distraction for children on their way to the hospital for treatment.

The City of Temple worked with child and adult artists to complete Phase 1 of the mural, which included 40 train cars, flowers, clouds and a memorial tree for the Uvalde shooting victims. 

Submissions are now closed. View selected designs (PDF).

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