TPD helps athlete practice for the Special Olympics

The Temple Police Department had the opportunity to help 23-year-old Lauren Barber train for Special Olympics with a game of basketball. 

“You can see the photograph that she sent with all of her medals, so I am thinking she is pretty good,” said Chief of Police Shawn Reynolds in a call for volunteers. 

Earlier this summer Lauren reached out to the Temple Police Department asking if any officers would be interested in getting together to play a game of basketball to help her practice.  

Leading up the game, Lauren wanted to make sure the department knew she wasn’t going to go easy on them.  

“I understand work comes first but I’m still going to beat you guys in basketball,” Lauren said in an email to Reynolds.  

Lauren can often be found practicing with her team at Wilson Park, but this time around she wanted to challenge a few officers to a game. Officers jumped at the opportunity and hit the court to help Lauren train. 


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