City to close certain facilities in response to COVID-19 surge

TEMPLE, TX (November 18, 2020) – In response to rising COVID-19 cases among staff as well as within Bell County, the City of Temple has made the decision to close certain city facilities to walk-in customers beginning Friday, Nov. 20, to reduce transmission among staff, protect public health and flatten the epidemic curve. 
“We are seeing an increase in positive cases among city staff, so we want to remain proactive in our efforts to ensure the health and safety of our employees and our community,” City Manager Brynn Myers said. “This decision was made to protect our community and our staff, and to do our part to help prevent community spread. Our intent is to minimize the chance of spreading the virus.” 
Services at the following City facilities will be available online, by phone, by appointment, curbside or drive-thru service delivery with minimal disruption to the public, and will be unavailable for all walk-in services beginning Friday, Nov. 20, through Monday, Jan. 18: 

  • Municipal Building/City Hall 
  • Human Resources 
  • Temple Public Library
  • Historic Post Office
  • Parks and Recreation Administration Building
  • Service Center
  • Hillcrest Cemetery Office
  • Utility Business Office/Municipal Court 

 The closure is not a city-wide mandate and only applies to certain city facilities. 

“As we head into the holidays, we want to take measures to keep our community and staff safe,” Myers said. “By telecommuting during this time, we reduce the potential for community spread and hopefully impact the virus’ transmission at a critical time.” 
Of the total 43 positive employee cases among city staff since March, 56 percent of those cases occurred in the last 30 days. 
“While telecommuting, we will operate at full capacity and will continue to provide services to our community,” Myers said. “We will continue to closely monitor the data and if we see an individual facility, office or team with an increased rate of infection or exposure, we will implement additional measures specific for that area.” 
The city will require employees who have been identified as able to telecommute to do so to the greatest extent possible. If telecommuting is not feasible, staff will enforce strict compliance with safety guidelines including social distancing, hand washing and use of face coverings. 
“We are committed to protecting the health of our staff and our community,” Myers said. “It is in staff and the public’s best interest that we renew these measures.”