City of Temple to hold groundbreaking ceremony for Temple Animal Shelter renovation project

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The City of Temple will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the Temple Animal Shelter renovation project on Monday, December 19 at 10 a.m. at 620 Mama Dog Circle. The event is open to the public.

This project will positively impact the animals that are housed there, the residents that visit and the staff that work there.

The expansion and remodel of the Animal Shelter will:  

  • Increase capacity to meet current and future needs by adding 40 dog kennels, as most of the time, the 30 current dog kennels are full. This will increase the capacity to 70 kennels with indoor/outdoor access.
  • Climatize the current kennel space and the kennel expansion space. 
  • Improve customer experience by creating a more visible and inviting entrance, a larger lobby and a better pedestrian flow within the facility. 
  • Provide shaded yard space for the customer to interact with animals as they assess their relationship and the possibility of adoption. 
  • Separate staff work areas from the customer-accessible areas and increase staff work efficiency.  
  • Align the Cat Room to the public flow area and better isolates the quarantine areas of the shelter. 
  • Create a safer environment for the intake of animals with new sally port and intake area. 
  • Add facility security features with upgraded fencing, parking area, cameras and a door access control system.
City Staff and Cloud Construction will work together with the goal of keeping the Animal Shelter operating throughout the construction process.

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