City of Temple expands downtown boundary to accommodate area development

The Temple City Council has adopted a City-initiated rezoning request to extend the existing central area zoning district, which expands downtown Temple’s boundary.

This will accommodate more commercial, retail and residential development in downtown Temple, in addition to rezoning City-owned properties, including the Santa Fe Plaza, MLK Festival Grounds, The Yard Food Truck Plaza and the Temple Feed and Supply building.

“We recognize that our downtown is evolving into an area where commerce, culture and recreation intersect,” said Brian Chandler, director of the planning and development. “This rezoning allows our city to embrace and bolster this transformation, so we can continue to cultivate and promote downtown Temple as a unique destination in Central Texas.”

Prior to this rezoning, a majority of the area was zoned for industrial use.

This rezoning aligns with the City’s strategic plan goals that relate to enhancing Temple’s places and spaces.

A related ordinance to prevent alcohol sales near existing schools and churches within the proposed rezoning boundary also passed.

Click here for a map of the proposed rezoning area. For a complete map showing the rezoning area, including its boundaries, click here.