City of Temple adopts Mobility Master Plan

The Temple City Council has approved the adoption of the Mobility Master Plan. The approved draft of the plan is available online.

The Mobility Master Plan is designed to produce a state-of-the-practice, multimodal transportation system through the improvement and construction of roads, sidewalks, parks, traffic lights, public transit and other transportation methods. City staff, in collaboration with the Alliance Transportation Group, Inc., also assessed the potential impact of population growth and developed the plan accordingly. The implementation of the Mobility Master Plan will ensure Temple's transportation system remains safe, functional and accessible for all.

The City of Temple will implement the plan by identifying priority projects, then determining how each will be funded.

Work on the Mobility Master Plan began in January 2021. Over the last 18 months, the project team held two public meetings and met separately with residents and community groups to receive feedback. The draft chapters of the plan have been published online for public review.

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