Celebrate Without the Bang!

TEMPLE, TX (December 15, 2021) – The City of Temple is asking residents to usher in 2022 safely and thoughtfully by celebrating without the bang.

Fireworks can aggravate PTSD, especially in veterans and first responders. They often cause panic in pets, farm animals and wildlife. Fireworks can harm people and damage property. And fireworks are illegal in the City of Temple and its neighboring cities.

“Temple is a community that truly cares about its neighbors, says Fire Chief Mitch Randles. And 1 in 7 residents are veterans. Let’s support those who served our country, help our community stay safe from unintentional burns and property damage, and follow the law by welcoming in 2022 without fireworks.”

In addition to their impact on people and property, fireworks can have devastating effects on animals, with lost pet reports skyrocketing during this time. The Temple Animal Shelter suggests that residents keep their dogs and cats indoors on New Year’s Eve and avoid the risk of panic and escape.

Police Chief Shawn Reynolds emphasizes that even though fireworks sales are legal in Bell County, it remains against the law to sell, possess, or set off fireworks in the city limits. Local lake parks are also asking that residents keep fireworks away. This restricts legal fireworks to private properties outside of the city limits.

“Temple PD will be adding patrols on New Year’s Eve and asks everyone to celebrate safely and legally, says Chief Reynolds. “Make sure you have a sober driver, be especially aware of others on the road, and please take a pass on the fireworks.”

Visit www. staysafetemple.com for information on fireworks safety and much more.

Those with concerns about fireworks, can call Temple PD non-emergency # at 254-298-5500. 
Please reserve 9-1-1 for life-threatening emergencies.