Grant funds enhance community development

The City’s Housing and Community Development Department recently presented its 2021-22 Annual Action Plan, which allocates more than $600,000 to benefit low-income neighborhoods.

“These grant funds are the catalyst for much of what we do as a department,” Housing and Community Development Director Nancy Glover said. “From empowering homeowners to spurring neighborhood revitalization, this Annual Action Plan helps us make Temple a place residents love to call home.”

The federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) must be used for certain neighborhood development projects in low-to-moderate-income areas. In 2021, the City will receive $606,562 in CDBG funding.

About $210,000 will be used for the city’s Housing Improvement Program, which assists residents with a variety of home repairs. Another $121,000 will be used to help residents reach code compliance on their properties. About $27,000 will go toward the proposed East Temple Community Enrichment Center, which will provide career assistance and education for residents.

Remaining funds will be used for public safety, demolition of deteriorating buildings and administration.

“Funds are received annually from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development,” City Grant Manager Brittany Chopane said. “As a recipient, the city is required to develop an Annual Action Plan to define how funds will be implemented.”

The City Council held its first public hearing on the Annual Action Plan on July 1. The Council will hold a second public hearing and vote to adopt the plan at its July 15 meeting.