Council approves next phase of Outer Loop

The Temple City Council recently approved the next phase of Outer Loop construction, continuing the project that will provide an additional major roadway west of Interstate 35. 

At its June 3 meeting, Council approved a $10.8 million contract with Emerson Construction that will extend the Outer Loop from McLane Parkway to Wendland Road. 

The Outer Loop is a multi-phase project that will connect to Interstate 35 in North and South Temple. With the continued growth of the city, the Outer Loop will become an essential outlet to reduce congestion on roadways. 

This phase will create a four-lane roadway with a raised median, bike lanes and a 10-foot pedestrian trail on the south side of the roadway. The contract also includes an extension of the Pepper Creek Trunk Sewer. The line will be extended approximately 3,700 feet to the north. Construction is expected to last about 14 months. 

The Outer Loop supports the City’s Strategic Plan goal to provide infrastructure and systems that support exceptional services and community growth.