City receives feedback on Mobility Master Plan

Residents got their first opportunity to give feedback for the City of Temple’s Mobility Master Plan during the first virtual meeting Wednesday.

“Our goal is to prepare a plan that reflects our community’s priority and vision,” City Manager Brynn Myers said. “With the public’s help we’ll implement improved bicycle facilities, trails, transit services, roads, parking, and pedestrian facilities, making temple a better and safer place to live one project at a time.”

The purpose of the Mobility Master Plan is to help guide development and implementation of a multimodal transportation system that can best serve the community as the City continues to grow.

“Ultimately, it’s a strategic plan to improve the movement of people and goods in a community,” Jason Deckman said. “Based on the input we’ve received so far, this plan will include projects for all modes – walking, biking, driving and taking transit.”

The MMP is no small undertaking. It is expected to take more than year to complete and includes several phases that incorporate public input, goal identification and more:

  1. Public Visioning
  2. Plan Development
  3. Draft Plan
  4. Final Plan

The first public meeting is part of the public visioning phase of the planning process. During this phase, public input will be taken to identify goals and analyze current mobility conditions. That information will feed into the plan development, which will include continued stakeholder and public feedback, scenario planning and identifying recommendations for the final report.

So far, feedback has been well received, with many stakeholders identifying common challenges, such as sitting in traffic to long, difficulty getting across town and a transit system that is difficult to use or not available.

Groups also identified several needs that will improve mobility in the city, including:

  • More pedestrian/bike facilities
  • Safer pedestrian infrastructure
  • Handicap transportation, including accessible sidewalks and vehicles
  • More efficient and available transit system

A second public meeting will be held in January to incorporate further feedback before compiling the final report. If you are unable to attend a meeting, a live plan room website has been set up to allow feedback and input to be given online.

“I would encourage you to visit the project website, fill out a comment form, leave thoughts on the interactive map or email the project team directly,” Myers said. “This is an opportunity for you to provide comments, suggestions and ideas on how you get from place to place and how we can make that experience safer, more convenient and more comfortable.”

For more information, to provide feedback or view materials from the May 19 public meeting, visit To contact the MMP study team, please email