Utility projects help city deliver vital services to residents, businesses

As the City continues to grow, the Public Works Department is busy upgrading utility infrastructure to deliver essential services to residents and businesses. 

Upgrading lines 

The City is in the process of a complete overhaul of the Bird Creek Interceptor – a main sewer line that runs from north of Adams Avenue to just south of Lions Park. The project is currently in the final of five phases.  

The existing aging sewer line is being replaced with a new, larger line. In the past, heavy rain events have caused wastewater to overflow due to the inadequate capacity and degrading infrastructure, but city officials believe this new line will eliminate those issues. 

“The project is targeted toward reducing overflows and rehabilitating infrastructure, ultimately providing for increased capacity within the wastewater collection system,” Deputy City Engineer James Billeck said. “The existing sanitary main is being replaced with a larger 36-inch and 30-inch diameter sewer to handle increased demands. 

The final two phases of the project will go to bid in Fiscal Year 2022 and are expected to take about a year each to construct. 

Another critical infrastructure project is the replacement of the Charter Oak Water Main, which is currently under construction. The project replaces approximately 13,800 feet of an existing 18-Inch water main with a new 24-Inch main from Riverside Trail to Loop 363. 

This transmission main is critical infrastructure for the City as it conveys a large portion of the potable water supply from the water treatment plant to the City’s distribution system,” Billeck said. 

The project is scheduled for completion in January 2022. 

Water Towers 

A trio of water tower projects will support both residential and commercial growth. 

The new Pepper Creek Storage Tank, in West Temple was recently erected. The 1-million-gallon tank marks a significant capacity upgrade for a fast-growing section of the city. 

This tank will replace the existing 220,000 gallon tank in order to meet the existing and future needs of the community by providing additional water capacity and increase water pressure to areas in west Temple,” Senior Project Engineer Sharon Sesler said. The additional storage will allow for increased fire protection as well as future growth in the area. The tank will also address low pressure concerns during high demands. 

The tower is expected to be operational this June. 

Another West Temple water tower is getting a facelift. Located near South Pea Ridge Road, the 720 Storage Tank will receive an interior and exterior rehabilitation and recoating to comply with state regulations. This project is also scheduled for completion in June. 

A proposed 3-million-gallon water tower is in the works for Temple’s Industrial Park. The tank would meet needs of proposed commercial growth in the area. The project is expected to go to bid this summer. 

Avenue G Pump Station 

Built in 1935, the Avenue G pump station supplies water to the middle portion of the city. Plans are in the works to expand the pump station and upgrade outdated components. On May 6, the City Council awarded a contract for final design of the project. Construction is expected to commence in FY 2022.