Operation Dumpster Drop helps residents clean their neighborhoods

Temple’s Housing and Community Development Department is giving residents an opportunity to take pride in their neighborhood through Operation Dumpster Drop. 

“The program truly personifies the spirit of community stakeholders working to improve Temple,” Housing and Community Development Director Nancy Glover said.   

The program, made possible through partnerships with Citizens for Progress and Keep Temple Beautiful, places a large roll-off dumpster in a different part of Temple every two weeks, giving residents a chance to spruce up their neighborhoods. 

Temple citizens may dispose of bulk trash items free of charge, including tires. Contractors are not permitted to use the containers for construction debris and disposal of hazardous waste is not permitted. 

Roger Bouknight of Transform Temple said the program has been well received so far. 

“One haul a few weeks ago consisted of more than 140 tires and 1.57 tons of bulk trash,” Bouknight said. “It is a really great feeling to know we are properly disposing of this debris rather than seeing it build up in neighborhoods.” Trash bags and tools are also available through the Transform Temple Tool Library. For more information about how to borrow tools, visit templetx.gov/toollibrary. 

For a schedule of dumpster drop locations, visit templetx.gov/dumpsterdrop