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Cancel Utility Service: Residential & Commercial

  • Only an account holder or authorized representative can request cancelation.
  • Requests are processed during normal business hours which are Monday - Friday between 8am - 5pm. We require one business days' notice to processes cancelation requests. Services may be turned off as early as 8am on the scheduled termination date.
  • Services will continue to bill to the account holder unless a request to cancel service is received.


  • A confirmation and reference number email.
  • A final bill generated within three business days will be mailed to the forwarding address provided. 
  • If your account is set up for e-notifications, an email will be sent the day the final bill is generated. If service is terminated and water is disconnected, and you request reconnection, a fee may be applied to your account. 


  • Any changes must be emailed by 8am on the scheduled termination date.
  • Include the address and reference number from your initial online confirmation email. 
  • Please do not resubmit a request as the original request may already be scheduled.