Design Services

The City of Temple will often engage design professionals for specific projects from a pre-qualified list of design professionals. The current list of qualified consultants were identified through RFQ #13-15-23 Professional Architectural & Engineering Design Services, with an original submission date of February 14, 2023. The pre-qualified period is March 1, 2023 through February 28, 2026. Firms can be added to the pre-qualified list at any time by submitting statements of qualifications through the Bonfire e-bidding portal. Firms may update their qualifications at any time by submitting revised submissions through the Bonfire e-bidding portal.

The firms identified on the list below are recognized as "pre-qualified". When design services are needed, City staff will typically select and interview firms from the list of pre-qualified firms. Sub-consultants must also have their qualifications on file with the City.  

Pre-Qualified Architectural & Engineering Firms