Winter Weather Tips

If you have a water emergency and need your water shut-off, please call our Emergency Water Line at 254-298-5611.

Check out the tips below for information about protecting your pipes during winter weather. 

Before it freezes
  • Wrap up any exposed outdoor pipes.
  • Remove garden hoses from faucets and store. Insulate outdoor faucets with a Styrofoam cover (sold in stores) or a towel.
  • Cover any vents around the foundation of your home.
  • Winterize your irrigation system and backflow assembly, if applicable.
During Freezing Weather
  • Open cabinet doors under sinks or pipes that are adjacent to outside walls.
  • In sustained freezing weather conditions, it may be necessary to let water drip slowly from indoor faucets (5 drops per minute!) in order to let the water continue to flow. 
  • If you're planning to be out of town during freezing conditions, keep your home heating system on low, and proceed with the steps above. 
If your suspect your pipes have frozenAlways call a plumber if you suspect a serious issue or cannot identify which pipe is frozen.

  • If no water comes out, a pipe may have burst. You will need to turn your water off as soon as possible! Call our Utility Services Division at 254-298-5611 
  • If there is only a slight trickle, there may be some things you can do to safely defrost your pipes:
    • Run water through the pipe for awhile. This may help clear any ice or blockage. 
    • DO NOT USE A BLOW TORCH OR ANYTHING WITH AN OPEN FLAME! This could cause serious damage to your pipe and waterline and could even start a fire.
    • Apply gentle heat to the pipe using a warm towel. An electric hair dryer at a low heat temperature may also work.

Stay safe this holiday season, and remember to protect your pipes!