Water Conservation

The City of Temple announces the implementation of Stage 2: Moderate Water Shortage Mandatory Restrictions. This comes as the Brazos River Authority announces levels at Lake Belton dropped below the Stage 2 – Drought Warning trigger of 578.7 ft-msl on July 31, 2023. The goal of Stage 2 – Drought Warning is a 10% reduction in water use.

Residents must adhere to the mandatory restrictions within Stage 2. 

Effective immediately, the following restrictions and guidelines will be in place until further notice:
- Limited Irrigation of Landscaped Areas
- Limited Irrigation of Public Landscaped Areas by the City
- Limited Fill Days for Swimming Pools and Jacuzzi-Type Pools
- Limited Use of Ornamental Fountains and Ponds
- Limited Golf Course Irrigation
-Limited Water Service in Restaurants
-Limited Non-Essential Water Uses

Stage 1: Year-Round Water Conservation

Stage 2: Moderate Water Shortage

Stage 3: Severe Water Shortage

Stage 4: Emergency Water Shortage

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Water - One of our Most Precious Resources