We have Tri-Gro compost, which is a humus product produced by composting processed waste-water biosolids with wood products. Because it is carefully processed at temperatures higher than 133° Fahrenheit (55°Centigrade), it is free of weed seeds, plant diseases and pathogens.  The screened compost is tilled into the soil or used as a top dressing. It significantly increases the health of established lawns and bedded plants. 

When using unscreened Tri-Gro compost as a mulch it provides the benefits of a soil amendment and a mulch in one application. 

Why Use Tri-Gro Compost?

  • It will provide slow-release nitrogen, making it readily available to plants longer
  • It will improve soil tilth, making digging and tilling easier
  • It will improve moisture retention, decreasing the frequency of watering
  • It will provide organic matter, incorporating micro-nutrients into the soil that commercial fertilizers can’t provide.
  •  It will normalize soil pH, making it good for both sandy and clay soil

MulchDid you know the City of Temple sells mulch? Our Native wood mulch is produced solely from trees indigenous to this area. Because this product is produced from brush and whole trees, it shreds more readily and locks together during application. This prevents it from being easily washed away during our hard Texas rains. This product decomposes slowly, maintaining its natural color longer, but still providing organic matter to the soil over a long period.

Why use mulch?

  • It will improve the aesthetic appearance of beds and gardens 
  • It will slow weed growth by providing a natural groundcover 
  • It will decrease soil temperature in the summer 
  • It will insulate and protect plants in the winter 
  • It will make excellent paths in lawns and gardens, providing a natural semi-permanent walking surface.

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