Cross-Connection / Backflow

Backflow Prevention REQUIREMENTS
In accordance with TCEQ Rules and Regulations for Public Water Systems, and Chapter 38, Article VI of City of Temple ordinances, no water connection from any public drinking water system shall be allowed at any residence or establishment where an actual or potential contamination hazard exists, unless the public water system is protected by an air gap or approved backflow prevention assembly. All backflow prevention assemblies are required to be registered and tested to be in compliance:
  • Immediately after installation of assembly unit
  • Whenever the assembly is moved
  • Periodically to ensure functionality
  • Prior to reoccupancy of premises that has been vacated/unoccupied for 1 year
  • Immediately after any repairs are made to the assembly unit

Test & Maintenance Report Form

Registered and approved testers must use the city's test & maintenance report to report test results for assemblies in Temple's water system. It can be filled out online, however, once completed, it needs to be printed and signed by the tester. The original report must be submitted to the Environmental Programs office within 10 days after installation and/or testing of the backflow assembly.

The licensed tester must be registered with the City of Temple Environmental Programs office for reports to be considered valid. Testers can submit an application and provide the required documents online.

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