Yard Waste Program

Don't Bag it Lawn Care ProgramConsider not bagging your grass with the Don't Bag it Lawn Care Program. The rule of thumb for mowing home lawns is not to remove more than 1/3 of the leaf surface at any one time. Grass clippings make an excellent compost for gardens.

Backyard CompostingBackyard composting is an effective way to recycle your small branches, leaves and grass clippings. It's also an economical way of producing rich humus that can be added back to your soil. Anyone with a landscape can benefit both the environment and their landscape by composting.

Landscape RecyclingLandscape recycling also makes sense because leaves, lawn clippings and tree trimmings account for up to 30% of the material being dumped in landfills today. These riches from mother nature can be easily recycled right in our own backyards through composting. A fine, slow compost can be made by simply adding layers of available organic materials from the landscape over a period of several months.

What You Can Do to Help
  • Reduce the amount of garbage you throw away.
  • Don't throw out old household items - sell or donate them.
  • Pass on magazines and books to hospitals, senior citizens and to others who would enjoy them.
  • Don't throw away grass clippings, leaves or branches.
  • Make compost and use them to landscape and beautify your yard.
  • Recycle all products that can be recycled. Reuse items.