Brush & Bulk Services

For information on service days at a specific location, please email and provide the address. 

Garbage/Brush/Bulk Collections Guidelines

  • Collections will occur twice a month. Find your route days here.
  • Place the pile within 3 feet of the curb no more than 7 days prior to your scheduled collection day. Your collection day is considered Day 7, and items must be at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on that day.
  • Pile must be at least 6 feet from other objects (car, mailbox, utility meter, etc.) and not be placed under any low wires or limbs.
  • Brush piles must be free of all other trash, bulk items, bags, or boxes as they are all handled separately. Trash and bulk items must be placed in a separate pile. Mixed piles will be collected and a fee assessed.
  • We will pick up 6 cubic yards of brush per collection. 6 cubic yards is equal to a full-size truck bed. Any amount over 6 cubic yards will be charged for. The charge will be added to your City of Temple Utility bill.
  • Small amounts (a handful or 2) can be disposed of in your garbage container.
  • Construction, demolition and remodeling debris will be collected and assessed a fee. 
  • Not accepted: Rocks, hazardous materials or refrigerators (due to the coolant) and appliances containing Freon.

Private/Professional Tree Trimmer Registration

  • Registration opens the doors to communications between the city, the tree trimmer, and the resident.
  • Registration will provide information for drop off locations for trimmings and other information as needed.
  • Registration will provide an educational tool to assist in eliminating any unnecessary charges to the homeowner.
Register by filling out the Tree Trimmer Registration Form

Request for City Pick-up Services

Items placed within 8 feet of the curb are a request for services and gives the City permission to pick up the items and charge according to City Ordinance and Ordinance 15 Garbage & Refuse. 

Out of Cycle Collection 

Items placed out at the curb on non-collection days will be considered "out of cycle" and will add a fee of $65 per 6 cubic yards added to your City of Temple Utility bill.

A special pickup may be requested for out of cycle collections by calling solid waste offices at 254-298-5725. Special pick-ups will be billed to the customer at the appropriate rate.  

Regular Collection

Regular collections do not include remodeling, demolition, building, or roofing materials. Such items placed at the curb at any time will be considered a request for pick up and will be billed to the customer's City of Temple Utility Bill.

Bulk & Brush Holiday Collection Schedule (PDF)