Crime Prevention & Safety

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Content within the Temple Police Department's Personal Protection Guide relates to 2 topics:
  • Crime
  • Terrorism
While these are generally separate in their nature of occurrence, the precautions contained in this online brochure are intended as an initial guide to reporting and preventing several different types of crime or terrorism.
Terrorism Risk & PreparednessAlthough the risk of a terrorist attack occurring in Temple is low, prudence dictates that we not discount the possibility. The Temple Police Department is prepared to respond to any type of emergency, from routine to extraordinary. The department's SWAT team is trained and ready to deploy in response to a wide variety of situations alongside other police officers, firefighters, EMS crews, and/or other emergency services. Many different utility and 1st response divisions within The City of Temple are part of the Emergency Response Plan, and the city has an established Emergency Operation Center (EOC).

Crime PreventionPreparation for, and response to, any crime or terrorist act is but part of the equation. The most important part is prevention, and that is where you can help. Staying alert, remaining aware of your surroundings, promptly reporting suspicious activity, and practicing good crime prevention techniques are all keys to community wide success.