The purpose and function of the Public Information Office is to serve as a liaison between the Temple Police Department, the community, and the news media.  The police department recognizes the need to communicate openly with the public and the media; therefore, the PIO staff strives to provide accurate and factual information in a timely and impartial manner while protecting both the prosecution’s case and the rights of the accused from possible prejudicial publicity.  
TPD is committed to informing the community and members of the news media of events that are handled by, or involve, the Department. Employees will cooperate fully in meeting the relevant information needs of the public and the news media. Every reasonable effort should be made to obtain the requested information, so long as the release of that information conforms to federal and state laws and follows established Department guidelines. 
TPD PIO staff does not handle open records requests. Citizens wishing to submit open record requests should send their request to the City of Temple Secretary’s Office at (254) 298-5301.  
For all other inquiries, please contact: 
City of Temple PIO

TPD is dedicated to transparency and providing community members the same information the department relays to the media. Information will be provided to each media outlet at the same time for consistency and fairness.

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