Crime Prevention and Safety

In today’s world, maintaining personal safety and actively protecting yourself from robberies, burglaries, and identity theft is a necessity. While methods of victimization can evolve based on technological advances and criminal trends, certain personal safety measures never go out of style. Other types of protective measures, such as those involving alarm systems and digital devices, may need to be modified as new threats emerge. Regardless of where you find yourself and your valuables, you can safeguard yourself from becoming a victim of crime at home, while traveling, or at work.

The Temple Police Department is committed to helping citizens and visitors protect themselves from becoming victims of crime. The following tips have been assembled to address crimes that are most prevalent – many of which can be prevented with some advance planning and precaution..

Local Emergency & Other Important Numbers

Family Protection

Home Security

Vehicle Security

Travel Precautions

Suspicious Mail Precautions

Additional Information

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