Downtown Parking Enforcement


Reminders About Downtown Parking:

  • “2 Hour Parking” signs indicate zones where enforcement will occur
  • Vehicles must be parked within the lines for the parking spot
  • No backing into angled parking spots
  • Parallel parking spots require right-side tires to be within 18 inches of the curb
  • Parking in/blocking alleyways is prohibited
  • Parking in Loading Zones is prohibited
  • Parking in Valet Zones is prohibited


Please review the full list of common civil fines for parking violations under Chapter 37 of the City of Temple Ordinances.

Common Violations
Violation On-Time  Late 
Over parked in 2 hour parking zone $15 $25
Double-parking (includes stopping, standing, and parking vehicle)
$20 $30
On a sidewalk $20 $30
In an intersection $20 $30
On a crosswalk $20 $30

For questions regarding Chapter 37 or the parking violation fee resolution, please contact the City Attorney’s Office at 254-298-5674. For questions regarding a parking citation you have received, please contact the Municipal Court at 254-298-5687.

Thank you for doing business in Downtown Temple! For more information, please see Chapter 37, Art. 4, City of Temple Ordinances.