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Upcoming Planning & Zoning Cases166 documents

Hold a public hearing to discuss and recommend action on a rezoning request on a total of 87.93 +/- acres with development/ site plan approval and subject to certain conditions, from Agricultural (AG) to Single-Family-2 Planned Development (SF2-PD) on 74.28 +/- acres, & Townhome-Planned Development (PD-TH) on 13.65 +/- acres, situated in the Nancy Chance Survey, Abstract No. 5, in Bell County, Texas & known as Bell County Tax Appraisal District ID# 118191, 118194 & 46805; generally located east of the existing terminus of Jupiter Dr & west of S. Kegley Road approximately 2,500 ft south of the intersection of S. Kegley Rd with W. Adams Ave; & addressed as 990 S. Kegley Rd and 6224 Jupiter Dr.1 document

  • Layout
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FY-24-1-ZC Hold a public hearing to discuss and recommend action to amend PD ordinance 2004-3970 to allow minor vehicle servicing on approximately 1.305 acres located at the southeast corner of FM 93 and Dubose Road, in the City of Temple, Bell County, Texas, addressed as 3675 W FM 93. (December 5, 2023)No documents

FY-24-1-VAR Hold a public hearing and consider a variance from the Unified Development Code (UDC) Section 6.3.6.B to allow a maximum front yard setback of 89.6 ft. instead of the required maximum of 47 ft. from Scott Blvd. for an existing hotel (Hilton Garden Inn), on 4.26 +/- acres, legally described as Scott and White Properties Subdivision, Lot 1, Block 1, and Business Personal Property, addressed as 1749 Scott Blvd., Temple, TX. (December 6, 2023)No documents

Upcoming City Council Cases169 documents

FY-24-2-ZC - Hold a public hearing to discuss and recommend action on a request to amend Planned Development Ordinance 2004-3983 to allow reduced corner setback from 15-feet to 5-feet and allow for reduction of the required separation distance between the principle building and detached carports from 10-feet to 7-feet for a 100-unit apartment complex and for site plan approval for 7.9 +/- acres, located on the south side of Hogan Road approximately 300 feet east of its intersection with S. Pea Ridge Road addressed as 7955 Hogan Road. (1st Reading - 11/16, 2nd Reading - 12/7)2 documents

  • Site Plan
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  • Renderings
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FY-23-4-ZC - Hold a public hearing to discuss and recommend action on a site/development plan and rezoning request from Agricultural (AG) to Planned Development Single-Family Dwelling 3 (PD-SF3) for a mixed-use residential development to include detached and attached single family, two-family (duplex), and multi-family uses on the southern 116.898 +/- acres of property addressed as 2001 E Avenue H, in the City of Temple, Bell County, Texas, appraisal district parcel ID 119589. (1st Reading - 11/16, 2nd Reading - 12/7)1 document

  • Zoning Exhibit
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FY-24-4-ZC - Hold a public hearing to discuss and recommend action to amend PD Ordinance 2005-4049 on 55 acres generally located at the northwest corner of Loop 363 and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to remove condition that individual residential units will be located on separately platted lots, specifically for properties located in Block 1, Country Lane Addition Phase III and Block 1, Country Lane Addition Phase IV, addressed as 1004 and 1008 – 1224 River Hills Court. (1st Reading - 11/16, 2nd Reading - 12/7)3 documents

  • Country Lane Addition Phase 4
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  • Country Lane Addition Phase 3
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  • Amend Ord. 2005-4049
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