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Schedule of Fees
Application Type Fee Details
Abandonment $100 Filing Fee Only
3rd Party Broker's Opinion or Appraisal N/A Applicants Responsibility 
Variance (Board of Adjustment) $75 Must meet with Planner prior to submittal
*Preliminary or Final Plat $150+$3/lot Residential
*Preliminary or Final Plat $150+$10/acre Non-residential
Street Use License (SUL) $150 Renewed every 15 years
*Rezone or Conditional Use Permit (CUP) or Planned Development (PD) Site Plan $150+$3/acre To match Ordinance 1948 

Procedures for Plat Recordation
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Applications6 documents

  • New- Online Application Submittal via MyGovernmentOnline
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  • Beautification Agreement and Res. 2018-9405-R.pdf
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  • City of Temple MyGovernmentOnline FAQ.pdf
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  • Cost Sharing Offsite Extension Application.pdf
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  • City of Temple Universal Application Checklist
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  • Pilot Program Application
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Checklists7 documents

  • Abandonment Checklist.pdf
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  • I-35 Checklist.pdf
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  • Street Use License Checklist.pdf
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  • Temple Medical & Educational District Checklist.PDF
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  • Temple Medical & Educational District Design Criteria Manual.pdf
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  • Plat Checklist (Word)
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  • Utility and TxDOT Acceptance Letter
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Forms1 document

  • Zoning Verification Form (PDF)
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