Voluntary Annexation Process

Texas Local Government Code § 43.0671 et. seq., Subchapter C-3 Annexation of Area on Request of Owners

As of September 2019, in order for private property to be annexed into the City of Temple, the private property owner needs to petition the City and submit a Petition for Voluntary Annexation. 

The Petition consists of the following:

  1. Petition for voluntary annexation – Please use the following link to the petition template as follows: Voluntary Annexation Petition Template (Word document);
  2. A surveyor sketch for the property to be annexed (prepared by a Registered Land Surveyor (RLS) or Professional Engineer (P.E.); and
  3. Field notes describing the property
If you are considering annexing your property, you will be offered an opportunity to enter into a separate development agreement which will allow you to continue your current use(s) of the property without annexing.  If you decide to reject the offer, the annexation process will continue. 

Please note that if you have entered into a development agreement prior to 2019 and you would like to build a new home, subdivide or otherwise develop the property, this may likely trigger the formal annexation process.  This will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

As the annexation process proceeds, you will be offered a Municipal Services Agreement which will identify the services that would be available to you upon annexation or when available. The City cannot offer services that are not offered to you by the agreement.

The annexation process takes approximately 4 to 6 months to complete and includes two public meetings (readings of the Annexation Ordinance by City Council), one of which is a public hearing.

If you should have any questions regarding the annexation process, please feel free to contact Mark Baker, Principal Planner at (254) 298-5274 or email at mbaker@templetx.gov 

Subchapter C-3: Landowner Petition Flowchart
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FY-23-1-ANX Consider adopting an ordinance authorizing the voluntary annexation of 167.331 +/- acres of land situated in the Maximo Moreno Survey, Abstract No. 14, in the City of Temple's east Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) located generally south of 93 Spur, west of Old Hwy 95 approximately 1,600 feet south of its intersection with East FM 93 addressed as 7246 Old Highway 95. (City Council Date - November 16, 2023)4 documents

  • Survey 20.457 +/- AC
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  • Survey 146.874 +/- AC
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  • Field Notes 20.457 +/- AC
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  • Field Notes 146.874 +/- AC
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