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The african american churches historic district
Preservation of Temple's african american history
The City of Temple has been working with East Side Temple pastors of historically black churches to preserve a few of the more historically significant churches through historic landmark designation. During that process, it has become apparent that there are other buildings in East Temple and surrounding downtown that have historic significance in the area that used to be known as Temple’s “Black Wall Street,” according to the late Rev. Roscoe Harrison, Pastor of 8th Street Baptist Church.  Before World War II, that area was located immediately to the south of downtown and was characterized by a variety of black-owned small businesses, such as Dr. T. E. Dickinson’s office.  Post World War II, 8th Street (what is today known as Martin Luther King Jr. Drive) became the primary Black Wall Street corridor. 

In addition to the 3 historically significant churches found within this district, 8th Street Baptist, Corinth Baptist Church, Wayman Chapel AME, there are other buildings of significance to Temple’s African-American history, such as the last remaining building on the 300 block of MLK Jr. Drive  (311 S. MLK Jr. Drive) and the Wheatley School (515 E. Ave. D).  

On May 19th, 2022, City Council approved an ordinance to officially designate the City's second local historic district - The African American Churches Historic District.

African-American Churches Historic District Map_JD H-22-15_comp

north central temple historic district
The City of Temple currently has one designated local historic district bounded by nugent avenue on the north, generally north of w. french avenue, along and to the west of a portion of n. 3rd street, and the west side of n. 13th street (see map below).  This district has a unique collection of architectural styles and is defined especially by the significance of some of Temple's influential early settlers, land-owners, and business entrepreneurs. 

NCT Historic District Map_comp2

NCT Historic District Photo

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For more detailed information on the north central temple historic district, please click here to visit the historic preservation league of temple's webpage.

Chapter 17 - historic preservation ordinance