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Neighborhood Planning

Working alongside residents in each neighborhood, our mission is to identify neighborhood concerns, values, vision, and goals. Through this process, the City will develop long-range plans for each NPD to potentially include City CIP Projects, private investment, economic development, and CDBG funded projects. 

A strong emphasis will be placed on improving the quality of life in each NPD while increasing access to affordable housing. City staff will work to facilitate connections to existing resources or develop new tools for citizens and match funding sources for identified projects (connectivity, infrastructure, etc.). Neighborhood Planning is used to engage the community in comprehensive planning for neighborhood stabilization, housing variety, functional arrangements, etc., and aims for a people-oriented approach to plan creation, implementation, and continued neighborhood sustainability. 

Residents have the opportunity to actively participate in the planning and problem-solving processes to address matters in land use, jobs, businesses, housing, infrastructure, transportation, and resources. The City employs a defined framework and planning process with flexibility in the timing to adjust to the specific needs of each neighborhood.


Central Neighborhood District

Historic Neighborhood District

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