Program Overview

Junior Fire Cadet ProgramJunior Fire Cadets, ranging from ages 9 - 13 will participate in a 4-week and 1-day program. The program will consist of approximately 36 cadets, divided into 3 groups according to age, who will attend classes 5 days a week, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - Noon.

The program consists of a scaled down version of a paid firefighters required training such as proper techniques on handling ladders, fire hoses, working with nozzles and many other duties. Cadets will also be trained in Basic First Aid.

Other topics will include: ethics and goal setting, team building, conduct codes, exercise, personal hygiene, and fostering respect of neighbors, elders and themselves.

The cadets will learn about the Temple Fire Department, its organizational structure, the firefighters, what it takes to become a firefighter and the importance of staying in school.

Code of ConductCadets will be held to the same high level of conduct that each firefighter is held to. Cadets will be expected to settle all differences peacefully through a structured chain of command.

Daily Dress & AttireCadets will be required to wear the following items daily:

  • White T-shirt

  • Blue Jeans pants or shorts (no holes)

  • White socks

  • Gym shoes or shoes with rubber soles

After the 1st week, Cadets who have complied with all rules will be issued a T-shirt, free of cost.

Academic AchievementsCadets will be required to take 4 written examinations. These exams will contain all course material covered during the 4 weeks.

All cadets must maintain at least a 70% average in the program. Anything less than 70%, cadet will not be issued a Certificate of Training or be permitted to graduate.

Research ProjectAll cadets will be required to complete a Fire Safety Education Project. This project will be due 1 week prior to the completion of the program.

It will consist of 4 specific areas

  • Fire Prevention

  • Fire Detection

  • Fire Evacuation

  • Fire Extinguishment


  • Academic

  • Honor Cadet

  • Most Improved

  • One Honor Cadet (from each company)

AttendanceCadets will be expected to report no later than 8 am every day. A good attendance record during the cadet program may enhance opportunities in future employment possibilities (good referrals from the Fire Department).

Attendance will be strictly enforced!

Physical TrainingCadets will be required to participate in daily physical training. Any Cadet who refuses to perform physical training will be dropped from the program. All physical training will be geared to the appropriate age levels.

TransportationCadets are expected to secure their own transportation to and from the program.