Junior Fire Cadet Program

Our 2020 Junior Cadet Program application is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone that applied!

SummaryIt is our aim that each cadet will leave this program with a better sense of responsibility and that he/she will be more accountable for their actions in their family and their community. We hope that by exposing cadets to the skills of firefighters and the rules employees must follow to achieve success, he/she will have a better idea about what it takes to accomplish their future career goals.

Program GoalsFirefighters have long been considered a part of American heroes. They have earned a well-deserved reputation for caring and helping people in their communities. These firefighters are held to a high degree of character and are considered to be leaders in their communities.

The youth of our community have always held a special place in the hearts of our members and it is our wish that these youths be provided proper guidance and direction in their early years.
Recent studies have indicated that today’s youth are faced with more difficult challenges than past generations that may prevent them from productive adulthood. Our goal is to look for boys and girls from all walks of life who need a helping hand to better themselves.

The Fire Cadet program is not to be interpreted as leisure or casual experience. This program will challenge the cadet's mind and body to “be the best they can be” within the individual’s physical limitations. Cadets should be able to take with them higher self-esteem and commitment to their community.
Please contact Santos Soto for more information at 254-298-5682 or sasoto@templetx.gov.