Emergency Gate Access

Notification of City Ordinance for Emergency Gate Access

In order to better serve our citizens and improve response times, on May 16th, 2013, City Council passed a new ordinance requirement for any electrically operated gate that crosses a fire access roadway. This will reduce delays for emergency responders encountered from having to search for a current code, waiting for assistance from inside or having to force the gate to gain access. Please see the referenced code below.

City of Temple Ordinance - Chapter 12 - Section 10.5

All electric gates shall be equipped with a device approved by the Fire Code Official to be operated by a designated emergency radio frequency and have a separate manual release. This release will be used by Temple Fire and Rescue personnel for emergency access in the event of a power failure.

Any manual release device used for emergency access to a property shall be approved by the Fire Code Official. Gates that are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are exempt from the radio frequency device, however, must have a Fire Department emergency manual release. All existing gates not in compliance with this standard must meet the standard by May 2, 2014, or be locked in the open position, until such time as it can comply with the standard.

There may be other companies that meet our standards, however, Click2Enter is currently setup with pre-programmed devices that meet our requirements. Devices can be ordered on the Click2Enter website

Please direct all questions to Fire Marshal, Landy Setzer  at (254) 298-5682 or via email.