Mobile Food Unit

A yearly Mobile Food Unit permit is required from the City of Temple in order to operate a mobile food unit in the City of Temple.

You can apply for a permit online at or at the Permit office located a 2 N Main St, Temple, TX 76501.

A $50 permit application fee is due before the application is sent for review.

Before you submit a permit, the following is needed

  1. Current Mobile Food Unit Dealer’s Permit from Bell County Health District
  2. Proof of passed City of Temple Fire Marshal Inspection 
  3. View Water and Wastewater Plan and Servicing Area (PDF)
  4. Proof of vehicle insurance
  5. Copy of State Sales and Use Permit
General Rules
  • Mobile food units may not be parked in public right-of-way or a location that might impede or inconvenience the public, cause a traffic hazard, or impede on-site traffic circulation (driveways) or parking.
  • Mobile food units may not be parked in a visibility triangle or in parking spaces that are required to serve the principal business on the site.
  • Mobile food units must be parked on a paved surface on private property.
  • Mobile food units may not be parked in the city ROW without authorization.
  • Mobile food units must comply with Chapter 14 requirements.
  • Mobile food units must arrange for proper disposal of refuse and litter     
  • Mobile Food units may only be operated in the following zoning districts:  AG, TMED, O-1, O-2, GR, C, CA, LI, HI, and limited MU zoning districts. 
  • Permits are valid for one year.
  • Mobile food units must remain mobile.
  • Mobile food units cannot be in a City Park or City Property.
  • Mobile food unit signs must be secured and mounted flat against the mobile food unit.  A sandwich board be displayed only while the mobile food unit is open no larger than 6 sq ft and not place more than 10 ft from the mobile food unit.
  • Mobile food units need to be a minimum of 10 ft from all buildings and a minimum of 20 ft from any building entrance or exit.
  • All tables, umbrellas, canopies, patio heaters, chairs, and other like furniture must be removed when the mobile food unit is not is use and may not be in the Right of Way, public street, visibility triangle, or impede traffic in any way.


  • Licensed by the Texas Department of State and Health Services as food manufacturer
  • Nonprofit registered with a state 501(c)
  • A produce stand that only offers whole, uncut fresh fruits and vegetables
  • A child’s beverage stand

For more information regarding the steps of obtaining a permit and additional City of Temple Code of Ordinances, visit FOG - Mobile Food Unit or please call 254-298-5640.