Responding To A Ticket


It is required by law that you appear on your ticket “on-time.” 
  • "On-Time," means the date found on your ticket (usually 10-30 days from the stop).
  • You may call if you do not know your date or have questions.
  • You may send a letter, fax, email or come to court directly or through online court.
  • You must contact the court by the date on the ticket or earlier.
  • You waive certain rights if you miss your date.
  • You could be issued a warrant or have other action taken if you miss your date.
  • If citation/ticket was issued through summons in the mail, your date is on the letter provided.

Requirements for appearing:

  • Be on-time.
  • You may choose to hire an attorney but are not required to.
  • Photo ID is required, e.g. Driver’s License or State Issued ID.
  • Juveniles (under age 17 at the time of the offense) must appear with a parent or legal guardian. Juveniles may be eligible for Teen Court.
  • Attorneys will be required to present their Bar Card and ID.
  • Attorneys are required to follow the Texas Rules of Procedure to the fullest extent.
  • Dress Code requirements apply.  
Entering a Plea

*You may wish to review your rights before you enter a plea.

When a person gives a plea, they are answering to the charge in the ticket or citation.
There are several options for entering a plea in a class C court: Guilty, Not Guilty or No Contest.

  • Pleading “Not Guilty” will result in your case being set for a Pre-Trial with the Prosecutor. You can request a trial by Jury. In some cases, you may also ask that your trial be only to the Judge. See Options.
  • Pleading “Guilty” or “No Contest” means you are subject to being found guilty and being sentenced. The item may be reflected on your driving or criminal record.
  • Paying your fine means you are entering a plea of “No Contest.”

A sentence is the consequence imposed upon a person if they are subject to being found guilty. Class-C offenses are usually fine-only cases.
There are several options for sentencing.

  • Paying your fine means you are entering a plea of “No Contest.”
  • You may enter a plea and in some cases request:
    • Dismissal through proper completion of a Driver’s Safety Course option
    • Dismissal through a Deferred Disposition
    • Dismissal by providing compliance documentation, where applicable
    • Dismissal through Teen Court

To review these, see Options.