Reinvestment Zone 1 Projects

1st/3rd Street Underground Electrical

1st Street & Avenue A Parking Garage

4th Street Parking Garage

Downtown Lighting Design

North Outer Loop (Research Parkway Central Point I-35)

Industrial Park Wastewater Extension

McLane PS & 24 inch Transmission Main

Range Road 24 inch Transmission Main

Synergy Park Improvements - Lorraine Avenue & Utility Extension

Avenue D Connections and Alleys

Crestview - Henderson Street to 24th Street

MLK Festival Grounds

Outer Loop

East Outer Loop

Cearley to Eberhardt Road

South Temple Tower Road Transmission Main

3rd Street Pedestrian & Landscaping

920 Pressure Plane

East & West Gateway Park

Corporate Hangar Phase IV

Pepper Creek Trunk Upsizing

Loop 363 Transmission Main

Veteran's Memorial Boulevard from University Courtyard Apartments to Avenue O