Temple Historic Marker Program

About the Program

historic markerThank you for your interest in the Temple Historic Marker Program! This program is a project of the Temple Historic Preservation Committee. The Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, created this program in order to recognize Temple's many historic landmarks and to instill a sense of community pride among Temple's residents.

Since its establishment in 1881, Temple has been a fast growing, progressive city. Its citizens, however, have kept a firm grasp on their roots and have worked diligently to preserve the history of the city for generations to come.

Throughout the city, remnants of the past can be seen in many historically significant structures. From the downtown area to the medical district, the town is rich in these beautiful historic landmarks. The Historic Marker Program was designed to give these historic treasures the recognition they deserve, while preserving their stories for future generations.

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Apply Today

The Temple Historic Preservation Committee requires that certain criteria be met in order to receive approval for a Temple Historic Marker. All of the criteria are outlined in the Marker Application, which can be downloaded here or picked up at the Temple Visitor Center.

Keep in mind when filling out the application that the purpose of this program is not to be burdensome to the applicant, but to identify and preserve as much information as possible about the history of our city for future generations. It is also important to note that the Temple Historic Marker Program is separate from the federal inventory of historic properties (National Register of Historic Places) and separate from the state marker program (Official Texas Historic Markers).

Information about the federal marker program, as well as the state marker program may be obtained by contacting the National Register Programs Office of the Texas Historical Commission.

"My experience was very pleasant and exciting at the same time. I feel honored that my home is on the City of Temple Historic Marker Program. I think this program helps to restore the elegance and history of our city. History must not be lost to future generations." -Dr. Gary Gosney

Thank You
Special thanks to Concentus Media Group for the donation of their services in creating the historic marker emblem!