City Center Project

HASThe City Center project is a downtown redevelopment project that includes street improvements, landscaping, signage, a downtown parking garage and more, which will be done in coordination with the rehabilitation of the Hawn Hotel, Arcadia Theater and Sears building by a private developer.

In September 2017, the city released a Request for Proposals for the redevelopment of the Hawn Hotel and the Arcadia Theater. The RFP invited interested developers to propose improvements to both buildings.

Turner Behringer Development Company was selected to complete the project, which was presented to and approved by City Council at its December 6, 2018 regular meeting.

The proposal includes a mixed-use development (residential and retail) that would include the Hawn Hotel, Arcadia Theater and the Sears building and would be known as the Hawn/Arcadia/Sears (HAS) development. The Hawn and Sears buildings would both be renovated into for-lease apartments which would be managed by Turner Behringer. The lower floors would also include retail/commercial space. The Arcadia Theater would include event space that would accommodate everything from live music to lunch meetings. The Architect for the project recently submitted plans for all 3 buildings to the City of Temple for building permits.   

As part of the proposal, the city entered into an economic development agreement that included funding from the Reinvestment Zone and the city and a 10-year tax abatement agreement that would abate approximately $219,000 in property taxes over the life of the agreement.

Kasberg, Patrick & Associates, LP is doing the design for the garages and City Center. Spawglass has been selected as Construction Manager at Risk for the parking garages construction.  Turner Construction is completing the HAS work.


  • Construction is proposed to start Fall/Winter 2021 and lasts for about 16 months. 
  • Parking garage (1st and 4th) construction should start in Sept/Oct 2021 and should last about 13 months. 
  • The Hawn/Arcadia/Sears (HAS) development should start Fall 2021 and should last 18 months. 
  • All projects are expected to be complete by Spring 2023. 

City Center Map
Hawn Arcadia and Sears Architect Rendering
December 2018 Council presentation