Family Protection

  • Develop a family security and emergency plan and have a family distress code and password.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked, including the garage, even when you are at home.
  • Don't open the door for strangers, peddlers, and unscheduled repairs or deliveries.
  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Take part in your local Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Don't leave young children home alone.
Special Tips for Children
  • Don't talk to strangers, answer their questions, or go anywhere with a stranger.
  • Always tell your parents where you are going, with whom, and when you will be back.
  • Never tell anyone you are home alone.
  • Do not give out information over the phone or internet about where you live, where you go to school, your age, or what you look like.
  • Avoid unapproved websites and chat rooms.
  • Avoid isolated areas, streets, and playgrounds.
  • Tell your parents, teacher, or police if anyone tries to question, molest, or abduct you, or get you to go somewhere with them.