Employment Benefits

Retirement Program

City of Temple Police Officers are required to participate in the Texas Municipal Retirement System.  This plan takes the place of Social Security withholding.  A Police Officer may retire with 5 years of service at age 60, or with at least 20 years of credited service.

  • Employee contributes 7.00% of gross earnings on a tax deferred basis
  • City of Temple matches 2 to 1 (14.00%) upon retirement

ICMA 457
Employees may elect to participate in the supplemental 457 retirement program in addition to their Texas Municipal Retirement System. Contributions to the 457 are tax deferred and are not to exceed the annual maximum rate.


Insurance elections are effective 30 days from the date of hire for all benefits with the exception of Life Insurance.  Life Insurance is effective 30 days from date of hire, to the first of the next month.

Medical Insurance
The City of Temple offers a fully insured medical plan offering employee and dependent coverage.  The plan year runs October 1 – September 30.  Elections are made annually during Open Enrollment and may be made throughout the plan year with a qualifying event.  
If you decline the medical insurance, and show proof of current coverage in another plan, the City of Temple offers an Insurance Credit option.

  • $100 per month included in the paycheck
  • $125 per month deposited into the 457 plan
Dental Insurance
The City of Temple offers a fully insured dental plan offering employee and dependent coverage.  The plan year runs October 1 – September 30.  Elections are made annually during Open Enrollment and may be made throughout the plan year with a qualifying event.
Supplemental Worksite Benefits
The City offers supplemental worksite benefits through a contracted vendor.  The plans include but are not limited to:
  • Accident
  • Hospitalization
  • Critical Illness
  • Cancer
  • Short Term Disability
  • Vision
Long Term Disability
The City of Temple provides long term disability to the employee at no cost.  The benefit is paid at 60% of the monthly salary after 180 consecutive days.
Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment
The City of Temple provides a Life Insurance policy and an AD&D policy to the employee at no cost of 1x their annual salary.  Supplemental Life and AD&D policies may be purchased by the employee for themselves and their dependents.
Flexible Spending Accounts
The City of Temple offers Flexible Spending Accounts for eligible expenses and dependent care expenses.
The City of Temple offers 14 paid holidays in the year:
  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • 1 personal day to be taken at the employee’s discretion
Types of Leave

The City of Temple Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual provides for military, jury/court, funeral, and injury leave.

  • Less than 10 year of service accrue 5 hours, 24 times per year
  • 10-14 years of service accrue 6 hours, 24 times per year
  • 15 and more years of service accrue 6.67 hours, 24 times per year

    Maximum accrual of vacation is 2 years.
Sick Leave

Police Officers accrue 5 hours of sick leave, 24 times per year, regardless of the number of years employed with the City of Temple.  There is no maximum accrual amount and sick leave will be paid out, not to exceed 720 hours, upon separation from service.
Longevity Pay

As an added benefit, all full-time employees hired on or after September 12, 2014, are eligible to receive longevity pay for each consecutive year of active service from their date of employment, after they have been employed for five consecutive years.  The maximum amount an employee may receive is $225 per month.
Education Incentive Pay

Police Officers are eligible to receive education incentive pay for Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees and for semester hours earned with a grade of C or above.

Certification Pay

Police Officers are eligible to receive certification pay for Intermediate, Advanced and Masters Peace Officer certifications and CPR certification.

Field Training Instructor Pay

Veteran officers may be appointed by the Chief of Police to serve as Field Training Instructors to the newly appointed officers.  Appointed officers are allotted monthly Field Training Instructor Pay.

Shift Differential Pay

Uniformed officers working the night watch patrol (1730 to 0530 and 1830 to 0630 hours) are allotted $100 per month Shift Differential Pay.

Uniforms & Cleaning Allowance

All uniforms are furnished by the Police Department and certified personnel are allotted a monthly uniform cleaning allowance.  Plain clothes officers are allotted a monthly clothing allowance. 

Individual Vehicle Assignment Program (IVAP)

The City of Temple Police Department has an Individual Vehicle Assignment Program.  Based on availability, all uniformed officers who have graduated from field training will be assigned their own patrol vehicle.

Officers living within 3.5 miles of the City of Temple ETJ (extended territorial jurisdiction) are allowed to take the vehicle to their residence for storage when off duty.  Officers living outside the 3.5 mile ETJ will be required to park their vehicle at one of the designated locations within the city for storage when off duty.

Disclaimer:  This summary is provided for your convenience, but is not to be considered substitution for existing polices or regulations governing the City of Temples' practices.  Where there is a discrepancy between this summary and the City of Temples' policies, ordinances, or resolutions, the applicable policy or resolution shall prevail.