Trail Etiquette

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Please do your part to help keep the trails safe and more enjoyable by following common trail etiquette.

  • Be Courteous: All trail users should be respectful of others regardless of speed, skill level or mode of travel (i.e., bicycle, wheelchair or on foot).
  • Don’t litter: Please carry out what you carry in.
  • Pass on the Left: Pass other trail users on their left. Give an audible signal before passing, either by voice (e.g., “On Your Left!”) or other means (e.g., ringing a bell). Pay special attention when passing children and pets.
  • Stopping: Move to the right when stopping. If possible, exit the trail. Be cautious of others approaching from behind and make sure they know you are pulling over.
  • Be Predictable: Travel in a consistent and predictable manner. Always look behind you before changing positions on the trail.
  • Don’t Block the Trail: Use no more than half of the trail. Do not block the flow of other users.
  • Obey All Traffic Signs and Signals: Use extra caution where trails cross streets. Stop at all signs and intersections. When entering or crossing a trail, yield to other users.
  • Pets on the Trail: Dogs must be on leashes unless under voice control. Owners must clean up after their pet immediately.