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Animal Shelter

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1. What should you do if you witness animal abuse or neglect?
2. Purebred vs. Mixed Breed. Which one is better?
3. What should I consider before adopting a dog or a cat?
4. What supplies will I need for a new pet?
5. How can I train my new pet?
6. How do you housetrain your cat?
7. Why should I have my pet spayed or neutered?
8. Is it healthier for my pet to be fixed?

Planning & Zoning

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1. When do I need to plat property?
2. What ordinances will I need to follow in the platting process?
3. I know I need plat my property now what should I do?
4. How long does the platting process take once I submit my application to city staff?
5. I have submitted my plat application to the City, what happens next?
6. If my plat is heard by the P&Z and Temple City Council should I be in attendance at those meetings?
7. My property is in the ETJ, what additional steps are required?
8. How do I know if I am within the City’s ETJ?
9. My plat was granted final approval by staff, P&Z, or City Council what steps remain?
10. Where can I put a mobile home?
11. How do I get an inspection for electrical, mechanical, or plumbing?
12. Where do I go to bid for a project?
13. Must I place my house, accessory building, or fence a certain distance from the property lines?
14. How do I find out the location of an easement?
15. What are the landscape requirements for new commercial property?
16. How can I locate the water line from my home to the meter?
17. How do I find out what the zoning is on a piece of property?
18. How do I know what uses are allowed on a particular zoning district?
19. What is zoning?
20. How does the zoning change process work?

Public Works - Brush and Bulk Collection Program

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1. Why is the brush and bulk program being modified?
2. When will my brush and bulk items be collected?
3. How do I know my two pick-up days per month?
4. When should I place my brush/bulk items at the curb?
5. Where should I put my brush/bulk items at the curb?
6. What if my items are not picked up on my scheduled collection day?
7. How much “stuff” can I put at the curb on my collection day?
8. What if I have a small amount to set out – a bag of leaves and small cuttings?
9. What if I have items to put out at a time other than my collection day?
10. Can I get a “special pickup” at a time other than my scheduled collection day?
11. What if I put items out at a time other than my seven day collection window?
12. What if I hire a professional tree trimmer to perform tree cutting services?
13. Why do I have to separate brush from bulky items such as old furniture and appliances?
14. I understand that my brush and bulk items should be separated and placed at least 6 feet apart. What goes in the brush pile and what goes in the bulk pile?
15. Why do limbs and stumps in excess of 8 inches in diameter have to go to the landfill?
16. What if I am physically unable to get my brush/bulk items to the curb?
17. What if I have construction debris from remodeling or enlarging my home?
18. What if there is a storm that leaves broken limbs and brush in my yard?

Water Utility Billing Office

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1. How do I open an account?
2. How do I transfer my service from one address to another?
3. How do I terminate an account?
4. My service was turned off for Non-Payment. Why am I still receiving a bill?
5. How do I request an emergency turn-off?
6. I have questions about my Garbage service, who do I call?
7. Where are you located?
8. Can I view by bill online?
9. Do you offer paperless billing?
10. Where can I pay my bill?
11. Do you accept post-dated or temporary checks?
12. Can I have an extension on my bill?
13. Do you accept electronic payments?
14. How is my due date determined, and can I change my due date?
15. I had a leak and got it repaired. Can I receive a discount on my bill?
16. How can I determine if I have a leak?
17. What are some ways to conserve water?
18. How do I read my water meter?
19. If I fill up my swimming pool, is there a discount if I notify the City?
20. Why is my water bill so high?
21. Are there any programs available for senior citizens?
22. How is my wastewater (sewer rate) determined?
23. Does the City of Temple offer average or budget billing?:

City of Temple
2 North Main Street
Temple, TX 76501
Phone: (254) 298-5561